How to Fix a Lawn Mower

Functionality of your lawn mower is very important but there are instances when it breaks down. Not every situation requires a mechanic and it can be tiring if you will have to stop working before the task is complete just to complete it weeks later after having a mechanic repair it. Good news is that you can fix your lawn mower. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to fix your lawn mower.

1. Disconnect the spark plug and examine it

This step aims at ensuring your safety in that it will not accidentally start while you are repairing it. Remember to wear protective gear such as gloves and eye protection. Once it is disconnected, examine it. Check to see if it may have melted some metal, which is one of the common causes of lacking good clean oil. This will require that you change the oil.

2. Check the Ignition System

Here, you will be looking at the magneto ignition system and confirm if there is a gap between the magneto and the magnets that are located in the flywheel. Overall, check to see if there is any miss up in this section. Ensure that you do not touch the ignition system with a metal to prevent painful electric zaps. You should also check the battery to see if it needs to be charged.

3. Clean the carburetor

Your lawn mower will work just fine with a clean carburetor. In the event it is dirty, you will need to let the metals parts in a jar of gasoline over some time. The plastic parts should not take the same amount of time to avoid damages. Another key part to clean is the jet which will require you to push through the tubing to remove any clogging. Ensure that every hole is open.

4. Fuel the tank

There are instances where you lawn mower will not work because the hole in the gas cap is clogged though this is dependent on is if your machine has this feature. Ensure that the engine is free from cuts and that the air hole is open for proper functionality.

5. Check the spark arrestor

This part is responsible for preventing the risk of causing fires. Clean your spark arrestor using a wire brush to get rid of any blockage. Some spark arrestors are detachable making them easier to clean while others require more attention as you cannot remove it.

Other parts are delicate and they will require some expertise to assemble or disassemble. As much as the piston may require removing, it is important that a professional to prevent damaging it attend to such parts. Rather than make one adjustment and try to start your lawn mower, it is recommended that you clean out your machine and then reassemble the parts before starting it. With this, you will also be able to minimize on the number of times it has to break down. Fixing your lawn mower will not only save you on time that you would have gone out seeking for a mechanic but it will also save on the maintenance costs.

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