jake davisHi, I’m Jake and welcome to bestmower.reviews!

Humble Beginnings

I come from a family of gardeners.

My dad owned a landscaping business and my mom was a housewife with an incredible ability to make almost any plant grow and thrive. Being the first born son, my father used to bring me with him to work so I could learn the ins and outs of the business.

Okay, not really. At least not at first.

I begged him to let me tag along because even at a young age, I have always been fascinated with how my dad and his crew are able to transform a boring lawn into a beautiful garden. At first I was only allowed to do little things like carrying small plants from one end of the lawn to another and digging holes in the soil. He also let me ride with him on the mower.

When I became a teenager, he started paying me when I worked with him on maintenance jobs. I would mow the lawn with a stand behind mower (he didn’t trust me enough to let me drive a riding mower yet!), helped him plan out flower beds, and gave inputs on what plant would be best for certain areas.

Pursuing a Career in Landscaping

Although my dad ran a landscaping business, he never insisted that I take the same career path. The decision to join him in the family business was solely my own. However, I wanted bigger things. I wanted to see our business thrive. To make that happen, I knew I needed to get proper education in landscaping.

This is why in my senior year in high school, I decided to pursue a degree in landscape architecture. I applied to many schools but eventually decided on the University of Georgia.

Taking the Family Business to a Whole New Level

After 5 years of studying, I finally got my Bachelor of Landscape Architecture degree. As soon as I graduated, I talked to my dad about expanding our business not only through the services we offered but also by taking in jobs out of state. It took a lot of discussion, mainly because my dad didn’t think it could be done. But I was able to convince him that it can.

I won’t say that the road after that was a smooth one because it really wasn’t. We encountered a lot of roadblocks and bumps but my dad trusted that I would be able to make it happen. Three years after we decided to expand our market, we were able to put up our first satellite office in Atlanta. The year after that, we expanded to North Carolina.

To date, we already have 15 offices in different states and we still have plans to add more. My ultimate goal is to be the #1 landscaping service provider in the US.

So.. Why bestmower.reviews?

Having grown up in the landscaping business and eventually pursuing a career in it, I believe I have become somewhat of an authority when it comes to lawnmowers. Why lawnmowers, you ask? This may come as a bit of surprise to you but clients (and friends) ask me the same question over and over again.

“What type of lawnmower should I invest in?”

It’s a question I always have trouble answering. Partly because people have different needs and the other part is because there are so many mowers in the market to choose from.

That’s the reason why I decided to put up this website. So when I’m asked this question, I can tell my clients and friends what I think they should look for and head here to see my in depth review on the specific lawnmower models.

Of course, this website is also my way of helping out homeowners all over the world on how to choose the best lawnmower and how they can take care of their yards.